Equality, Diversity, Accessibility and Requirements

The Coroners Court seeks at all times to comply with its legal obligations with respect to equality and diversity, and to provide a respectful, fair and appropriate service to all court users.

By way of example the Court will consider, in appropriate cases, ordering a non-invasive post-mortem if the same is requested on religious or other grounds.  More detail can be found here: https://www.innersouthlondoncoroner.org.uk/about/i-am-bereaved/autopsies-and-identification.  The Court is also conscious of the particular sensitivities that can arise in cases involving trans people, and will endeavour to respond appropriately.

If you are bereaved, or otherwise involved in case, and consider that there are particular issues that arise involving any of these issues, please speak in the first instance to the Coroner’s officer for the case in question and directions from the Coroner will be sought as appropriate.

If you are due to attend court for a hearing and are concerned regarding the court meeting your accessibility needs, please contact the Coroner’s officer you have been liaising with or email court staff.

The court is wheelchair accessible and has a room available for family use, however please note this room is used on a first come, first serve basis.

The court itself has an audio circuit fitted in the main court for those who wish to switch their hearing aid to the T position and also has hearing loops and hearing aid earphones for those with hearing needs. If these are required please inform the Coroner’s officer you have been liaising with or speak to the usher on the day of your attendance.