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Court case listing for London Inner South Coroner's Court

Court case timetable for London Inner South Coroner's Court
Court Date Day Time Name Place of death Hearing Date of Death Court date url
Monday 09:30am Sylvia Francis TURNER SE1 Inquest 13/05/2018
Monday 09:30am Anthony MCKAIN SE28 Pre-inquest hearing review 22/02/2018
Monday 12:30pm Julian Paul ROYSE SE6 Inquest 04/07/2018
Monday 02:00pm Maciej STEPINSKI SE10 Inquest 07/05/2017
Monday 02:00pm Royston Frederick William KEMP SE18 Pre-inquest hearing review 20/03/2016
Monday 03:00pm George Rafe COX SE16 Inquest 14/12/2017
Tuesday 09:30am Randolph Courtney BRAITHWAITE SW9 Inquest 21/03/2018
Tuesday 09:30am Angel Marie MBENGUI SE13 Pre-inquest hearing review 09/11/2018
Tuesday 10:00am Kaluba SABITI-MWICHANDE SE17 Inquest 15/06/2018
Tuesday 11:00am Saffron Marina SAVILL SE1 Inquest 04/07/2018
Tuesday 02:00pm Marvin POWELL SW9 Inquest 01/01/2018
Tuesday 02:30pm Sharon Agnes FARRELL SE23 Inquest 02/12/2017
Tuesday 03:00pm James Kier Hendley VINSON SE4 Inquest 22/11/2017
Wednesday 02:00pm Gerald WHITROD SW17 Inquest 21/02/2018
Thursday 09:30am Phi Hung DANG SE14 Inquest 12/06/2018
Thursday 02:00pm Noreen MUNN SE18 Inquest 23/02/2018
Thursday 03:00pm Alan WARD SW16 Inquest 18/10/2017
Friday 09:30am Rebecca INDUCTIVO SE13 Inquest 10/05/2018
Friday 01:30pm John Edward FOY SW8 Inquest 22/05/2018

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