Media Notice

Southwark Coroners Court is partially open. Listings are publicised in our web diary about a week before hearing.  There are short inquest openings once a week. Pre inquest reviews and read inquests are listed, when the coroner considers it urgent to do so, about twice a week from May, with families offered remote access.  To respect government guidelines and local authority policy on health and safety, we are not currently able to admit the media or any witnesses to the court room. We will keep this under review as the situation evolves. To meet our legal duties of open justice we offer the press three options if they wish to hear and report on any listed hearing:


1.         Inform the court they wish to have remote access to the hearing and accept that is sufficient

2.         Request in lieu of attending that a recording of proceedings would be acceptable

3.         Request the court adjourn the proceedings until such time as the press are able to attend in person.


Would the press and media please email Mr John Thompson, Clerk as soon as possible how they wish to cover any hearing.