Jury Service


The jury at an inquest hears the evidence and, after being directed by the coroner, must reach conclusions on the following key facts:

· Who the person was

· How, when and where they died

· The information needed to register the death


The jury does not view the body in order to arrive at these (or any other facts).

Unlike other types of court hearings, an inquest is not a trial. The jury does not find someone guilty or not guilty, nor does it decide if someone is to blame for the death or if anyone should receive compensation.

Jurors are not permitted to do their own research or have any communication with others during an inquest and the coroner will give direction on these matters.

On the day, the coroner will explain in detail what you are required to do.


If you have been summoned as a juror

If you have received a summons to attend as a juror at Inner London South Coroners Court, complete and send off the detachable form within 3 days of receipt.

Please arrive promptly on the day you have been called to attend as any lateness may lead to a disruption to court proceedings. You can find transport links and directions here.

If you have any queries regarding your Jury summons please contact Mr John Thompson, Clerk to the Senior Coroner. You can find all contact details on your jury summons.

For more information on Jury service please look at our FAQ’s page