Covid-19 Deaths

Covid19 Covid19

Due to the tragically large number of deaths at this time, there is a Pandemic Multi-Agency Response Team (PMART), which transports bodies and secures reports and paperwork to enable families to proceed to cremation. Almost all these deaths are natural and therefore are not notified to the coroner and so we will not know of the details of the deaths, the whereabouts of the body or be able to assist families. Our phones are very busy and the court only has skeleton staff and so please avoid phoning or visiting. If you wish to confirm whether a death has been reported to us please write marked urgent to this email


For the majority of cases, the death is being handled by PMART and they will hand to you a handout explain what is happening. For the majority of cases, the death is being handled by PMART. The way to contact the number of the PMART hub is via email and the telephone number is 0300 111 2141.  If the referral is referred to the coroner we will be in contact at that stage.


If a doctor cannot issue a medical certificate of the cause of death, or if the family consider that the death should be considered unnatural, that is there is reason to suspect culpable human failure which the coroner should investigate, then the death should be notified to the coroner. Most deaths from a natural disease do not normally require notification. If the coroner is notified of a death, we will contact the family once it is referred to us to establish if there are any concerns and seek to secure a medical cause of death by doctors reviewing the circumstances and death report, before deciding whether to issue a Form A to enable Registration and Cremation or whether to investigate. Rarely there may be a need for a post mortem examination, but there are reasons that these will be exceptional cases.


The Senior Coroner and his colleagues and staff offer condolences to the families who have recently been bereaved.